A warm welcome to MINGS... to the auspicious world of I-Ching and Geomancy.
I-Ching, the Book of Changes and Geomancy, the oneness of the universe between man and the environment, are the two most basic areas that MINGS focuses on. They are also the essence of Feng Shui. Feng (wind) and Shui ( water) integrate both yin and yang (the forces of harmony for an individual or space) and harness harmony in synchronization with the limitations of culture and civilization in today's cyber age

Vowing to guide you on the road to spiritual and philosophical maturity, MINGS hopes to help you understand how humankind and its surroundings are inextricably linked. And the role the five elements - metal, wood, fire, water and earth – play in this bonding.

As many associate Feng Shui to Chinese folklore, myths and beliefs and ancient anecdotes, it is MINGS intention to change this perception; to introduce Feng Shui as a science and review its positive integration into the daily highs and lows of an individual.


MINGS 2015 Outlook forecast book

After galloping with the Horse in 2014, it is time to ramp up with the Rambunctious Goat in 2015. Discover what is in store for you and the world in general in 2015.

This bilingual book charts the accuracy of MINGS’ predictions for 2014 and presents a new set of predictions for the coming year. It contains key information such as auspicious dates, good dates to resume office after the Lunar New Year and receive the “Money God”, as well as ways to diffuse the Governing Planet and 3-Killers.

Find your animal sign in our 60-animal zodiac listing and prepare yourself to make the best of 2015. Forewarned is forearmed!

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We are proud to announce our series of members meetings for the coming months.

Come join us to discuss Feng Shui matters of interest and learn authentic Feng Shui principles from MINGS.

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