MINGS 2017 Outlook Forecast Book

After a year of Monkey business, we move to the rising Phoenix. The Rooster crows in a new year full of promises and uncertainties. Navigate your way through 2017 with our invaluable guide book.

This bilingual book presents MINGS’ predictions for 2017. It contains key information such as auspicious dates of the year, good dates to resume office after the Lunar New Year, and to receive the “Money God,” as well as ways to diffuse the effects of the Governing Planet and 3-Killers.

Find your animal sign in our 60-animal zodiac list and prepare yourself to make the best of 2017. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Painstakingly researched and written by Master Joe Choo, Stephen Chin, and Tan Hui Min under close supervision by Professor Master David Koh, the MINGS 2017 Outlook forecast book continues an annual tradition started by MINGS since 2007 to publish and present its forecasts using ancient formulae such as 5 Cycles 6 Forces, Cowboy Poems, Magic Square, Gua numbers and the YiJing.

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The Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences is a non-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to research and education on the science of Environology (formerly known as Feng Shui). It does not have a commercial or business unit, nor the facilities to process electronic, online or credit card payments.

To purchase a copy of the MINGS 2017 Outlook forecast book, please remit payment as follows to MINGS.

Forecast book: RM50

Delivery charges: RM10 (up to 3 books) limited to Malaysian addresses only.

MINGS’ account:

Bank: CIMB

Account number: 12-46000-42590-55 (Bandar Utama Centre Point branch)

Payee:  Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences

Send us a copy of the remittance/confirmation slip by one of the following methods:

Email: /
Fax:      (+603) 8075 3607
Whatsapp:    +6012-716 2334

Please include your contact details, including name, address (no PO boxes please), contact number and email.

Update of 2017 Year of Rooster MINGS Outlook Handbook

There is a date confusion for 3-killers in Chinese version of this book (page 39), the correct date is 8 December but not 18 December.


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