About Geomancy

Geomancy is about oneness in the universe. A simple yet profound idea of how all energy forces in the cosmos and earth and humans interact with one other within and without. When all these forces are in perfect balance, there is harmony in the universe . Harmony in the world. Harmony on earth. Harmony in a person's life .

From time immemorial, the world over, people have sought to live in harmony with the heavens, their environment and themselves. The rituals performed to get this may have varied, but never the belief in the unity of the universe.

In Asia , teachings in 'Tiang Sri' and 'Mirat' were practised by the ancient Malays to attain harmony in the home and the living environment. The ancient science of 'Vastu Shastra' has long been used by the Indians in their construction technologies. This science studies the micro effects of cosmic forces on plant and animal life and the evolution of human civilisation. The objective is to bring about an equilibrium between energy fields and animate and inanimate matter to achieve harmony in life.

5000 years ago in China , Fu Hxi wrote the I-Ching or Book of Changes. To many it is also the Book of Wisdom. The I-Ching studies the idea of change. It studies the changes in the life span of man, of earth and the cosmos in a continuum of cycles. It explores the sources of cosmic, earth and human energies. It postulates that the union between yin and yang gives rise to the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

The knowledge and wisdom in the I-Ching have been applied in many fields such as science and medicine, astronomy and astrology, strategies in war and business, predictions and geomancy. It examines every aspect of the human condition and life, the living energies of Qi on the earth and the ecological chain, the gravitational, magnetic forces and the impact of the movement of the constellations in the cosmos, on earth and man. Ultimately it demonstrates through the trigrams and hexagrams that when the energies in man are completely attuned to that of the earth and the cosmos, harmony can be achieved.


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