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 The 5 Elements With Crystal

The Five elements are associated with colour, seasons, years, months, days, hours, and most relevant of all to the practice of Feng Shui, with compass directions and it representation of elements. Once you understand which direction symbolizes which element, and which element is your requirements base on your date of birth, it season, hour, and year. The correct crystal should be position at the good direction.

Picture of room

Sample of Metal element crystal Metal is represented by the colours white, silver and gold. Its season is autumn, and in the compass, its directions are West, which represent small metal, as well as Northwest, which signifies big metal. In Chinese 12 Zodiac the animals, rooster and monkey represents metal.

Clear Quartz
Sliver Display

Water  is represented by the colour black & all shade of blue. It is also winter and is represented by the direction North. Think of the colours black and blue, also waterfalls, ocean, fountain and river. Under Chinese 12 Zodiac animals the two animals that represent water are the rat and boar. Sample of Water element crystal
Lapis Lazuli
Agate Cameo

Wood is represented by all shades of the colour green, and its season is Spring. The direction East symbolizes big wood and the direction Southeast symbolizes small wood. In Chinese 12 Zodiac animals, rabbit and tiger are represents wood.


Sample of Wood element crystal


Fire is red; also represents Summer, and its direction are South. Think of the sun, bright lights and anything red, think of warmth and heat too. In Chinese 12 Zodiac animal represented by snake and horse.
Red Agate
Sample of Fire element crystal


Earth is presented by all shade of brown, and while the earth colour is also yellow. The earth element is in-between all seasons. In compass the earth directions are Southwest, which represents big earth, and Northeast, which is small earth, and also the centre. Think of the globe, rock, and sand, in Chinese 12 Zodiac 4 animals represents the earth, there are ox, dragon, goat, and dog.


Sample of Earth element crystal
Tiger Eye


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