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 Family Harmony and Business Success Through Feng Shui

by Master Xi-I-Tze

Feng Shui is another branch of science developed in ancient China . There is a lot of documentary evidence of the application of Feng Shui in the everyday life of the ancient Chinese. Notwithstanding this, my studies have led to my belief that there is still a lot of uncharted territory in the science of Feng Shui and more research is necessary in order to be able to explain all aspects of Feng Shui scientifically. Notwithstanding this, we need the expertise and input of individuals in both disciplines i.e. the sciences and the arts in order to do so.

My own contribution toward this research is in the translation and explanation of the observations of the ancient masters into modern scientific term. I am now teaching a whole new generation of Feng Shui students from all walks of life and disciplines, on the scientific approach to geomancy. My students include individuals with scientific background as well as architects and corporate figures, all looking towards Feng Shui to explain the dynamics of business, banking and economic issues.

Towards this end, the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences has been formed to establish and uphold the standards of excellence in the profession. This institute will continue to research and develop Feng Shui in a scientific manner, provide training to individuals and raise the standard of Feng Shui practice to be on par with other professions.


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