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 What Else Can Feng Shui Do

There are a number of often neglected areas in business in which we can apply Feng Shui principles.

A. Assessment Of Management Capabilities & Promotion
Generally, companies secure staff either by the use of advertisement, word of mouth, recommendation and lastly by using head hunters. Whatever the method used, they would still have to short list the candidates by looking at their profile, qualifications, experience and present remuneration or expected remuneration as well as their performance in tests and interviews conducted by the company.

As for promotions, selection process is somewhat similar with interviews with past performance records playing an integral part in the process. However, sometimes these methods are inefficient in determining suitability of candidate in performing a job in which he has had no prior experience. Efficiency in one area does not mean that the candidate will also excel in a higher management position.

I-CHING and geomancy can offer other basis of assessment of the candidate's:

  • attitude
  • aptitude
  • bio-rhythm chart
  • health chart
  • financial performance chart
  • marriage chart

Consider what a great assessment tool Feng Shui can be for a corporation in deciding on the right person for the right job at the right time.

B. Credit & Financial Analysis
A couple of years ago, everything was different. The Asian economies were booming, currencies were predictable and both international and local banks alike, were willing to lend money. Bur the rules have changed. Currencies crumbled, stock market collapsed, borrowers are increasingly hard-pressed to repay loans and Banks had to think more carefully about risk.

Most financial institution have their own basis of assessing the credit risk of each of their customer but they essentially follow similar principles/guidelines such as:
a.The background of the customer and their historical financial standing.
b.The viability of the business or project.
c.The strength of the management team.
d.Marketability of the product or services.
e.Production capacity, product quality, barriers to entry or technical know-how required.

The above are all sound basis for credit assessment. However, circumstances may change. Your best and largest client may go bust, its key personnel may have all perished in an accident on a company trip, its main client may have relocated to another country. Your client's performance and well being will in turn affect your performance. As we all know, like a graph, life has its ups and downs. We called this the bio-rhythm chart. Most financial institutions offer you a loan when you record your peak performance or are on a growth trend. Conversely, they will withdraw the facility when your credit rating is poor or you are on a declining trend.

The law of nature, is such that while you are on the downward side of the graph, it will take quite a while for the graph to swing up. Usually, the financial institution will not wait for the upswing. In fact in the recent economic downturn, the high gearing of most of the borrowing entities was the principal cause of failure due to the high finance cost. Under the circumstance, if the above mentioned 6 charts are applied as part of our credit appraisal process, it may be better for the both the Bank and the borrower to forget about the loan.

C. Planning Of Housing Developments & Architectual Design
Designing the human environment can be classified as a humanistic study because it promotes respect for nature and its law and the interests and ideals of the individual in his or her social environment. It involves with the thoughts of individuals, their activities, relationships, ethics, dignity, self-fulfillment, well- being and harmony. The word harmony comes from the ‘GREEK' word, harmos and harmonia, meaning joint, framework, agreement; in carpentry, it was used to refer to joining or fitting of components together.

In Feng Shui and architectural design and construction, emphasis is placed on spatial study and arrangement and their harmony with humans. Housing developers are businessmen. They would want to maximize profits and land use in order to make money. A smart housing developer would be able to do so if he takes into consideration the external environment, internal space distribution as well as the energy forces affecting the potential house owner before embarking on the project. He would be able to tie-up with an experienced Feng Shui master, who can advise the developer on the general orientation of the house as well as advise potential buyers on the choice of the house for themselves, based on calibration to the individual's qua. In the long term, the buyer will appreciate this extra service and the developer's future projects will also be much sought after.

D. Human Resource Application
The six tool charts proposed earlier can be applied.

E. Corporate Geomancy
All of the above, combines to form an integral part of Corporate Geomancy. Although no two corporate are identical, just like no two houses or two persons are the same, the basic principles still apply. Each case must be studied in detail before application and execution. This article may not explain all the aspects feng shui practices but may enable you to understand that Feng Shui has scientific basis and can be applied to help you to make your life more meaningful and productive as well as help you in your business and other daily endeavors.



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