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 What Are The 5 Universal Elements

These 5 elements are water , wood , fire , earth and metal . The 5 universal elements were first observed by the Chinese sage FU-XI. In 3000 B.C., FU-XI's work lead to the discovery of I-Ching or the Book of Changes, which has been acknowledged by great philosophers such as CARL JUNG as the fundamental order of the universe. The Trigrams and Hexagrams using “O” and “I” as its basis was discovered by Fu-Xi and encoded in the I-Ching. Today, 5000 years after FU-XI, this ancient mathematics has been "re-discovered" and is known as the Binary Numbers. Computers work using these Binary numbers.

Thousands of years after FU-XI, new proofs of the existence of the 5 universal elements were "re-discovered" by the famous mathematician, Johannes Kepler. Modern mathematics, owes much to Kepler and his Pythagoras theorem. Kepler's Pythagorean solid theory s tates that there can be only 5 regular solids. Descartes and Leonard Euler further confirmed this theory. Carl Sagan further supported this, in his book - The Cosmos - that "there is no other integer values and therefore there are only 5 regular solids.” This conclusion derived from abstract mathematics has had the most profound impact on practical human affairs".

These 5 elements, were mentioned in 3000 B.C. by Mr. FU-XI and encoded in the Trigram and Hexagram of the I-CHING. The I-CHING was the main reference text used in ancient China and is the source of all forms of knowledge governing the Chinese civilization, ranging from medicine, public administration, astronomy, physics, biochemistry, economics as well as Feng Shui.

FU-XI's findings on the 5 basic elements, the I-Ching , Trigrams, Hexagrams and other observations made then of the cosmic phenomena were before Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha and even before Lao-Tze and Taoism were known. It was the study of natural sciences, the Cosmic effects, the energies or the QI. These 5 elements and this QI were not related to any religion. In fact, they were discovered way before any known religion.

Over the years, there have been probably different Feng Shui experts who also practiced religion or even the occult. These people may have brought religious connotation into Feng Shui. In some instances, they may have distorted the interpretation to suit their religious teachings. During the early days, when the level of literacy was very low, simple explanations were given to explain the order of life. Jargon was coined and usage of representations such as ghost or devils was often used to simplify matters for the masses. Even now, you would encounter great difficulty, if you were given the task of explaining to an aborigine as to how an ATM card can be pushed into a hole in the wall to secure cash. You may probably tell him that there is a midget sitting in the wall waiting to dispense the money.


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