A feng shui tour of the Klang Valley #37

When Taman Maluri was developed, this section of Kuala Lumpur became swept up by a frenzy of property development. New townships emerged and grew towards Ampang. Our tour has taken us to Taman Maluri and Pandan Jaya.

In our last instalment, we went down Jalan Pandan 1 and noted how the presence of Kerayong River and the Light Rapid Transit line could have contributed to Pandan Jaya’s state of affairs. The dilapidated look could also be linked to the placement of low-cost housing along the main road.

Jalan Pandan 1 terminates at the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). Before the highway was completed, it merely connects to Kampung Pandan Luar on the left, and Jalan Cempaka on the right.

Jalan Cempaka is the main road into Taman Cempaka and Kampun